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Unique Bid Auction Script

Looking for Lowest Unique Bid Auction / Highest Unique Bid Auction ?

kbroka.com has experience in building sites for Auction Houses, I provides a auction script on your project within a few hours of placing the request. Please click here to get a free quote on your project right away.

kbroka.com and it's team develops customized solutions for your auctions and can provide your organization the ability to run your own online auction site.

List of auction website features;


  • View all the registered users.
  • Change the statues of users / edit users / delete users.
  • Count number of bids they have placed.
  • View all users current bid.
  • View who has won all the closed auctions.
  • Set the status from pending to completed when items have been shipped.
  • Message automatically send to users.


  • Create new main categories to list your auction items or sub categories.
  • Create new sub categories to list your auction items.
  • View categories, sub categories and auction items.
  • Edit / Delete categories and sub category.

Auction Items:

  • Place the auction items in particular categories and sub categories.
  • Set the item details like; name, description, minimum bid amount, retail price, bid fee, maximum number of bids per user, the number of bid require, starting and closing date, item featured, auction terms, hide / show the number of bids etc.
  • Locate all information on a specific auction item by searching the auction ID number.
  • View all the closed auctions.
  • Keeps a record of all completed auctions.
  • View all completed auction details.
  • Auction winner report.
  • Delete a completed auction to remove the results from the results page.

Emails System:

  • Add Emails
  • Send an email to all of the sites registerd users at once.
  • Email circulation like a newletter. No html experience required
  • Send an email to all the bidders of a specific auction.
  • Friend Referral.

Content Add / Edit / Delete direct from admin area:

  • Terms and conditions page
  • Privacy policy page
  • About us
  • Homepage greeting
  • Question and answer
  • How it works etc.


  • Payment gateway of the site.

Change Password:

  • Change the password to the administration area.

If you are interested to Auction / Bidding website services, please ask me for a quote.