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Handicrafts Portfolio

The web is an intensely stimulating and exciting field. 7 years of experience on the net and I am close to 2 hundred websites ! These range from web based applications to corporate sites to portals and websites integrated with the latest e-commerce facilities. Spanning a diverse range, this work has made me look forward to lots of more work along these and radically new lines. I am here with some websites altogether within 7 years of experience on the world wide web. This high range include portals and many more websites equipped with the latest internet technologies and e-commerce facilities. The classic web has changed itself into an unimaginable and intensely stimulating field. It's roots spread everywhere in it's short epoch encouraging me further to continue with my web clientele. Here I give the detailed list of my works so far...So please avail your presence.

Nepali Products Exporter
Browse various products made in Nepal for briefs information and photos. Includes a request form for additonal information and for ordering.

Srijansil Sip Bikas Center
Born as a gallery, specialized in Tibetan painting called Thankas in 2004, since just tourism begins to enter in this country.